What are our options when an employee leaves or is terminated? Print

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When an employee quits or is terminated you have several options when dealing with their mailbox and mail data.

When the mailbox and email data is not required:

Cancel the mailbox. All email data will be removed and you stop paying for the mailbox. Please contact us by phone to cancel a users mailbox.

When the mailbox is no longer required, but you or another staff member requires access to the email history:

If the employee is not being replaced, but their email history is required we can cancel the mailbox license and then attach the email data as a ‘shared’ mailbox to another employee.  This is usually the best option as you stop paying for the license, and the email data stays around for as long as you require it.

Fee: $27.50 (1/4 hour)

When the employee is being replaced:

We can rename the account. Useful if you are replacing the employee. Mailbox data will be retained, however, this can be removed manually by the new employee if they wish. For security, the password is also reset and the previous staff members devices are blocked from accessing the account.

Fee: $27.50 (1/4 hour)

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