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Any business that’s serious about making money from their website needs to choose their shopping cart and web hosting provider with great care. Did you know that many of our competitors have gone out of business or into liquidation over the years leaving businesses stranded with non-functioning websites?

myshophosting was started by Kerry Plowright – the inventor and former principal of ezimerchant principal and David Ferguson,  because they realised that online businesses needed reliable hosting backed up by top quality service.

Other hosting companies just don’t understand the needs of online merchants and their support staff don’t have the necessary knowledge to solve shopping cart related problems – often blaming the shopping cart for their own problems, leaving business stuck in between!

Help when you need it

Should you happen to have a problem or a question regarding your hosting service – For example setting up new email accounts, uploading your website, viewing your statistics etc – the myshophosting support team is just a phone call away. They are trained to answer all of these questions and more.

Essential features

Many hosting companies try to stuff as many features as possible into their offerings often confusing the user. myshophosting offers the features you need.

  • Australian based servers for ultra-fast data transfer and reliability AND Australian based support. Check out our server status page for uptime results.
  • Server-Side Spam control via Spam Assassin. Clients who host with myshophosting.com receive less Spam.
  • Full statistics packages – Which tell you everything you need to know about your customers visiting habits.
  • On-line site management through cPanel – With a touch of a button, our online control panel allows you to set up email accounts, view statistics, park extra domains, create counters and more.
  • Web-based email – You can check your email while on the road!
  • Flexible payment options – We accept all major credit cards including Diners Club and American Express as well as accepting Direct Deposit payments (Direct Deposit payments required 6 or 12 months in advance).
  • Good Neighborhood – We specialise in hosting small business websites. We don’t host hackers, spammers, or illegal file sharing sites.
  • Security - We partner with the best - Imunify 360 for Security, CloudLinux for Security and Availability and R1Soft and JetBackup for ease of mind.

Uptime Report for myshophosting - Website: Last 30 days Uptime Report for myshophosting - Website: Last 30 days

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