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There are two ways to set up your email on your iPhone.

  1. Using the Microsoft Outlook app available free from the Apple app store. This is the recommended option. 
  2. Using the built-in Apple Mail App. This is not the recommended option, instructions below.

Set up your email in the Microsoft Outlook App

Open the App Store on your phone and search for 'Outlook' - install the App and open it. You will be prompted for your email address and password to complete the setup.



Set up your email in the iOS Mail App

1. On your iPhone home screen tap ‘Settings’
2. Scroll down and tap ‘Accounts & Passwords’
3. Tap ‘Add account’
4. Choose the second option “Exchange”
5. Fill in the required fields,
Description: Put your full email address here– Tap ‘Next’
6. Tap ‘Sign In’
7.  You may be asked for your password here – Enter your password and click blue ‘Sign in’ button.
8. Click the blue ‘Accept’ button.
9. Wait for the account to be verified.
10. We recommend you switch OFF syncing of Contacts otherwise the exchange server will replace all the contacts in your phone with what’s in your Outlook address book.
11. Tap “Save”.
12. You have now successfully completed setting up your exchange account. Go back to your home screen and tap the mail icon to start sending/receiving emails using your exchange account!

Optional: By default, the iPhone only stores 1 week of email. To change this…

13. On your iPhone home screen tap ‘Settings’
14. Scroll down and tap ‘Accounts & Passwords’
15. Tap on your account.
16. Scroll down and tap ‘Mail Days to Sync’
17. Set to 1 month or No Limit*.
18. Close the email settings.

* Note: The No Limit setting will download an entire copy of your email to your phone – Only choose this option if you know you have enough room on your phone to store your complete email history. 64gig and above iPhones recommended.

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