As of the 04/04/2019, MailChimp has stopped supporting API versions 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. This has caused the integration between mshShoppingCart and MailChimp to cease functioning.

Until we can provide a workaround it is necessary for you to manually update your MailChimp mailing lists before you send a campaign.

Please follow the below steps to export your data. mshShoppingCart stores potential subscribers in two ways.

  1. As direct subscribers – These are visitors who have used the ‘Subscribe’ function on your website.
  2. As customers – These are visitors who have become a customer by purchasing one or more products from your website.

We need to export each type from mshShoppingCart and import them into MailChimp.

Exporting Direct Subscribers

Goto Marketing -> Email Marketing:


Click EXPORT ONLY tab.

Click Download to CSV file.
NOTE: If the subscriber count is zero the download link will not display

Now click the ‘Export my email subscribers’ link.

The cart will now create an export file ready for download:



When complete click this link to download the export file:

Note: Once the download is complete click the ‘delete all subscribers’ – The cart doesn’t need to keep historical subscribers (this is what MailChimp is for)

You can now import this file into MailChimp using the MailChimp import feature.

Repeat the above steps before you send an email campaign to ensure the MailChimp Contact List is up to date.

Exporting Customers

Goto Customers -> View Customers

Select the new customers since last export and click EXPORT THESE CUSTOMERS -> to CSV file.
Note: If this is your first time exporting, choose all customers from 04/04/19 onwards.

Then choose the MAIL CHIMP export template and click continue.

Click ‘Export my customers to a CSV file’:

mshShoppingCart will prepare the file:

Click to download the file:

Import this file into your MailChimp List.

Don’t forget to repeat this process before each time you send a campaign.

For details on importing into MailChimp please see:


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