WordPress hosting speed is derived from a combination of Server Resources, web server optimisation, cache, PHP settings and a reasonably designed WordPress site.

myshophosting provides the following:

  • Modern CPU's with high clock frequency - Ideal for WordPress. Many other web hosting providers use cheaper, older-generation servers and CPUs. Our current CPUs are EPYC 9254's.
  • LiteSpeed Enterprise WebServer & LiteSpeed Cache - Regarded as one of the fastest webserver/cache solutions for WordPress.
  • NVME storage is many times faster than traditional hard drives and solid-state drives.
  • PHP settings - If you plan on hosting a WordPress site with us, let us know and we will set your PHP and extensions to the ideal WordPress setup.
  • Server-level Web Application Firewall - Eliminating your need to run plugin-based security such as WordFence.
  • Uncrowded servers - we host primarily business websites and we dont overcrowd our servers.





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