WordPress is one of the most widely used Content Management Systems on the planet. Not only is WordPress free, but it also offers users a plethora of themes and plugins to extend the base functionality which allows the building of almost any website imaginable. However, due to its popularity, it's also a big target for hackers. Any discovered security vulnerability is quickly exploited by hacking groups and its done at scale using automation.

While secure passwords are always recommended, here at myshophosting we find that in nearly all cases of site infection the root cause has been out of date plugins. 

So, our number one piece of advice would be to ensure your WordPress Core and all Plugins are kept updated - Weekly. Checking for updates in WordPress is fairly straightforward. From the WordPress admin dashboard select the Updates option.

You should now see either a list of updates or a screen similar to below:

If you see any plugin updates, such as below, tick the plugin and click the Update Plugins button.

You should see a successful update similar to below.

If you see any errors, contact your webmaster or if they are unable to help, please contact us.

After updating your site, give it a rigorous test before calling the job done.



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