The problem:

When people register a domain name they probably don’t give a second thought to the email address and other details they provide at the time of registration. When a domain name is due for renewal the renewal notice is sent to the email address on record – which was supplied when the domain was registered. If the email address is no longer valid then the renewal will not be received and the domain will expire without the knowledge of the owner. The owner is then forced to renew the domain at whatever cost the registrar dictates and then has to wait for payment to go through before the domain becomes active again. During this time the website and email are completely non-operational.

Our solution:

When you register a domain name through us or transfer your domain to us from another registrar we give you a personal guarantee that your domain will not expire without you knowing about it.

How we contact you:

We will try out hardest to get in contact with you before your domain name expires. The methods we use include the following…

  • Checking your website for updated email and phone details and attempting contact that way.
  • Looking you up in the phone book.
  • Calling the general advertised number on your website and asking to speak to you.

The above methods may all sound obvious but no other domain registrar (that we are aware of) goes to this effort to contact you. Can you risk your domain name being registered with anyone else? Transfer your domain to us today. Call us and we will help you through the process. You will also get the advantage of being billed by a single company for your hosting and domain registrations!


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